Seating Solutions / Agricultural Equipment

We know long and hard hours are spent on the farm; but while the time spent on a tractor may be long it shouldn’t be hard. Milsco’s first seat design was for tractors so the agricultural equipment seating market is certainly a fertile one for us.

Static Seats

XA-500 Deluxe Adjustable Seat

XA-600 Deluxe Adjustable Seat

Integrated Suspension Seats

V5300 Low-Profile Suspension Seat

V5400 Low-Profile Air Suspension Seat

V6300 Low-Profile Mechancial Suspension Seat

V6400 Low-Profile Air Suspension Seat

V5200 Semi-Suspension Seat


FM-100 Mini Mechanical Suspension

FL-100 Compact Mechanical Suspension

FL-200 Compact Air Suspension

FH-100 Mechanical Suspension

FA-100 Air Suspension